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Analyzing Conflicts in Planning Processes

Analyzing Conflicts in Planning Processes

Jun.-Prof. Gregor Betz, project manager

Project Group:

Jun.-Prof. Gregor Betz, Christian Voigt


Institute for Technology Assessment and Systems Analysis (ITAS), KIT

Major transformations of the demand-side of national energy systems will inevitably go along with behavioral changes and potential conflicts of interest. Hence, such transformations are likely to spark off societal controversies and debates, e.g. about which behavioral changes are bearable and acceptable, about how (e.g. financial) burdens should be allocated across the society, or how conflicts between different values (financial, ecological, political, ...) are to be resolved. This project analyses and anticipates these societal changes and their reflections in form of social discourses. One approach will be to use to reconstruct the controversies as argument maps. Argument mapping is an innovative method for discourse analysis, which has been developed in recent decades in an interdisciplinary effort. It has proved highly helpful for structuring and evaluating otherwise opaque and complex debates. The project results offers new insights in the structure of societal conflicts and debates. In doing so, results will support the understanding of public responses to new energy planning, including aspect of acceptance and acceptability of transformations in the energy sector.