Determinants of Industrial Decisions and Behaviour

  • Contact:

    Benjamin Lutz, project manager

  • Project Group:

    Benjamin Lutz, Dr. Stefan Vögele, Philipp Massier, Prof. Andreas Löschel

  • Partner:

    Environmental and Resource Economics, Environmental Management, Centre for European Economic Research

    Systems Analysis and Technology Evaluation (IEK-STE), FZJ

    Chair for Energy and Resource Economics, University of Münster

The project aims at revealing the most important determinants of industrial energy demand at the firm level.

In general the effects of economic (,e.g. prices), technological, and regulative (e.g. eco-taxes) determinants on industrial energy demand at the firm level as well as on specific technology choices by firms will be examined. So far studies have mainly focused on aggregated energy demand at sectoral or country level while knowledge on firm specific energy demand is rare. Furthermore, the knowledge on firm-specific technology choices that influence energy demand is still vague.

In a first step a comprehensive list of economic, technological, and regulative determinants will be developed and initiated. Second, available technology choices for firms in specific industries will be analyzed. Third, data requirements and availabilities for the analysis of firm´s technology choices and energy demand will be assessed. Given data availability either case studies or econometric analyses will be carried out.