• Impacts of Environmental Regulation on the Industrial Sector in Germany (working title)

  • Doctoral student:Benjamin Johannes Lutz
  • Doctoral advisor:Prof. Dr. Andreas Löschel
  • Start date:April 2011


Considering the challenges posed by resource scarcity and climate change, Europe implemented a broad portfolio of energy and climate policy related regulation during the last decade. Main objective of the measures undertaken on EU and Member State level is to steer economic activity towards a sustainable pathway. As forerunner, Germany shoulders great efforts by promoting its energy transition and has set ambitious climate policy targets for 2020 and beyond. Consequently, the industrial sector in Germany is subject to different kinds of energy and climate policy related regulation. Especially the European Union Emissions Trading Scheme, the Ecological Tax Reform Act and measures implemented in the course of the German energy transition shape the regulatory environment of the industrial sector. Furthermore, the enterprises of the industrial sector in Germany face – compared to international benchmarks – high prices for electricity and fuels. The international competitiveness of German enterprises is therefore under increasing pressure. The objective of the doctoral project is to shed light on the effects of climate policy related regulation on the industrial sector. The envisaged research focusses on efficiency and efficacy of already implemented regulatory measures, such as excise taxes for electricity and fossil fuels as well as the EU Emissions Trading Scheme. Moreover, studies about the development of efficiency in the industrial sector will be carried out. Foundation for the envisaged research is the econometric analysis of time series and micro data. The first paper that was developed in the framework of the doctoral project has been published in 2013 in the scientific journal Energy Economics: B.J. Lutz, U. Pigorsch und W. Rotfuß (2013) – Nonlinearity in cap-and-trade systems: the EUA price and its fundamentals.