• Impacts of energy policy and regulation on investment incentives for firms (working title)

  • Doctoral student:Philipp Massier
  • Doctoral advisor:N.N.
  • Start date:February 2012


Through energy and climate policy goals in Germany and the EU, in Germany particularly the energy transition, firms facing various energy and climate regulations. These regulatory measures have different effects on the performance of firms and set various investment incentives. Considering the energy transition especially investments in energy efficiency technologies as well as renewable energies shall be fostered. Besides the regulation of electricity markets and utilities also the manufacturing sector is playing an important role to achieve these policy goals. The stimulated investments can help to achieve the energy and climate policy goals. Aim of the doctoral project is to analyse the impacts of regulatory measures on investment behaviour of firms in different sectors. Thus conclusions on effects of these measures can be drawn. The bases for this research are econometric analyses of time series and micro data.