The research field „Risks and regulation“

Photo: KITThe Research Field „Risks and regulation“ focuses on the interrelations between regulation and governance structures and risks in transforming energy infrastructures. It is assumed that if and how the energy sector transforms depends, to a large extend, also on regulations and governance frameworks. However, governance and regulations can also be sources of additional problems and risks. For instance, systemic risks may stem from increasing interdependencies witin and between infrastructures, misguiding incentives for risk-relevant behaviour, or inappropriate (risk) governance (Project "Systemic Risks in Energy Infrastructures"). Risks in form of governance failures may result from the complexity of a growing number of governance actors, a missing horizontal and vertical, centralised and decentralised integration, or missing competences of actors (Project "Governance of Electricity System Restructuring"). Risks in form of policy failures may have sources in poorly coordinated policy mixes, flawed regulation and incentives instruments, unclear outcomes of policy implementations, or conflicts between policy objectives (Project "Regulations and Incentives").