Regulation, Instruments, Governance

This Integrated Key Topic overarches the different projects of the Alliance. It aims at deriving policy recommendations for a comprehensive and integrated portfolio of policy instruments to guide the transformation of the energy sector towards sustainability. Thus, it is meant to overcome the very fragmented discussion of policy instruments prevailing at the moment. It analyzes interactions and interdependencies between the different elements of the energy system and the corresponding political framework, including all

  • Types of uses (electricity, heat, transportation)
  • Technical steps (generation, transmission and distribution, storage, demand)
  • Spatial levels (local, regional, national, European)
  • Policy objectives (e.g., climate change mitigation, supply security, nature conservation, economic development)
  • Policy instruments (e.g., emissions trading, taxes, subsidies, command-and-control and planning approaches)

Photo: KIT

For this purpose, this Integrated Key Topic synthesizes and integrates the research results gained within the different projects of the Alliance. The discussion of policy instruments is related to variety of research fields represented in the Alliance, including socio-technical barriers to transformation, innovation analysis, coping with uncertainty, consumer behavior, acceptance and reflexive governance. The Integrative Key Topic provides a compilation of different disciplinary perspectives on the use and evaluation of policy instruments.