Members of the International Advisory Board

An international advisory board assures high quality of the research methods and results.

Prof. Dr. Josee van Eijndhoven (chair)

Chair, Research Institute for Transitions, Erasmus Universitet Rotterdam

Prof. Dr. Adisa Azapagic

School of Chemical Engineering and Analytical Science, University of Manchester

Dr. Paolo Frankl

Head of the Renewable Energy Division, International Energy Agency

Prof. Dr. John Graham

Dean, School of Public and Environmental Affairs, Indiana University

Prof. Dr.-phil. Heinz Gutscher

Full Professor of Social Psychology, Department of Psychology, Universität Zürich

Dr. Stefan Hirschberg

Head of the Systems/Safety Analysis Section, Paul-Scherrer-Institut

Prof. Ragnar Löfstedt

Director, King's Centre for Risk Management , King's College London

Prof. Granger Morgan

Department Head, Department of Engineering and Public Policy, Carnegie-Mellon University

Prof. Nebojsa  Nakicenovic

Professor of Energy Economics at the Vienna University of Technology, Deputy Director of the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA), and Director of the Global Energy Assessment (GEA)

Prof. Dr. Lena Neij

Professor and Director at the International Institute for Industrial Environmental Economics, Lund Universitet

Prof. Dr. Ahti Salo

Vice Head of Department, Systems Analysis Laboratory, Helsinki University of Technology

Dr. Leena Srivastava

Executive Director Operations, Acting Vice Chancellor, The Energy and  Resources Insitute (TERI), India