Technology-Infrastructure transitions: Potentials of Technologies and Concepts

  • Contact:

    Dr. Stefan Vögele, project manager

  • Project Group:

    Dr. Stefan Vögele, Dr. Tobias Naegler

  • Partner:

    Systems Analysis and Technology Evaluation (IEK-STE), FZJ

    Department of Systems Analysis and Technology Assessment, DLR



The transformation of the energy system strongly depends on the technology - infrastructure. The object of this task is to provide characteristic information on key technologies in the energy sector. This is indispensable for the creation of energy scenarios as well as for regional modeling. Key technologies are defined as “technologies”, which have or can have a significant influence on energy supply, energy demand or the transformation process of the energy system. Besides information on the characteristics of technologies and technological trajectories, special attention is paid to the interaction between technologies. Examples for energy technologies which may be important for the transformation of the energy system or may play an important role in future energy systems are energy storage technologies as well as technologies used in the building (e.g. technologies used for energy and CO2 refurbishment) and transport sector (e.g. electric vehicles). As examples for key energy technologies, we will analyze these technologies in more detail than other key technologies.