Regional Modelling

  • Contact:

    Jens Buchgeister, project manager

  • Project Group:

    Jens Buchgeister, Andreas Rieder, Matthias Toups, Dr. Dirk Heinrichs, Annika Weiss, Johannes Többen, Holger Maximilian Kleemann

  • Partner:

    Institute for Technology Assessment and Systems Analysis (ITAS), KIT

    Systems Analysis and Technology Evaluation (IEK-STE), FZJ

    Institute of Transport Research, DLR

The project contains model-based regional trend analyses of the electricity, heat and mobility systems temporally from the current state to future trends for selected regions. The choice takes into consideration that great regional differences exist e.g. between urban and rural areas with respect to a) prospective changes in electricity supply, heat supply and mobility supply and b) the differences to long-term targets of the energy concept of the German government involving an expansion of renewable energies that vary significantly across regions in Germany. These changes are related to population, economic structure and structure of energy supply system as well as on mobility patterns and use.

To specify future socio-economic framework conditions for the energy demand on regional level a regional input-output model in combination with information on demographic change is used. Based on the linkage of different models an economic and environmental analysis is carried out.

Technical Energy System and its Elements